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13-year-old girl accepted by prestigious Chinese university



      13-year-old girl accepted by prestigious Chinese university

A thirteen year old girl has been accepted by a top Chinese university to study medicine, reports the People's Daily newspaper.

Chen Shuyin, who graduated from a high school this summer in the city of Zhanjiang, Guangdong province, is now a freshman at Zhejiang University School of Medicine.

Chen has excelled at every stage of her educational career. At the age of seven, she attended a middle school, after only just one year's study in primary school. She was always placed within the top 30 students while she was there.

When Chen turned 9, she was admitted to a local high school after gaining the 13th highest score in the city.

She took the National College Exam at 12, achieving a score that was more than one hundred points higher than that needed to be accepted by a first-class university in China.

Chen's father says his daughter is not different from most kids of her age, is quite quiet and likes to read in her spare time, and has good learning skills.

When asked about her life at the university, Chen Shuyin says she enjoys making friends, and she has no difficulty in living and communicating with her classmates, who may be several years older than she is.

She also says she would like to do research in the field of clinical medicine while studying at university.


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