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The new CEI-GAC-ACT Center first semester is underway



CEI Ceo & founder Mr. Charles Sun speaks at the CEI 21st anniversary event earlier this year.

Earlier this year, CEI celebrated its 21st anniversary in the international education industry, and the international kindergarten business, by announcing that in 2017 the company planned to branch out into another exciting new education area.

Since that announcement at the company AGM in February, CEI has teamed up with the Global Assessment Certificate Programme in China (GAC) and opened a brand new CEI-GAC-ACT Center located at the Kangjie Middle School in the ancient city of Yuncheng, in China's north western province of Shaanxi. 


      The Kangjie Middle School in Yuncheng, Shaanxi in north western China

The CEI-GAC-ACT course in Yuncheng attracted considerable interest from students already studying at Kangjie Middle School and the Yuncheng City area, and the Course commenced its first semester earlier this month.

So what is the Global Assessment Certificate Program?

Well, the program which is also known as GAC is a popular university preparation program designed to meet the needs of students who wish to qualify for entry to a university in Australia, the UK, Canada and the USA. The course is a university preparation or foundation studies course which aims to equip international students with the skills and knowledge needed for successful study in an English-medium western-style university setting. 

With the needs of international students a priority, the GAC engages students in the development of skills and competencies that are required to succeed at university. 


The objective of the program is two-fold: firstly, to provide students with an entry qualification to universities on a global basis; and secondly, to equip students with the competencies, knowledge and skills required for them to succeed at university. 

Students are required to undertake 720 hours of formal instruction in the program and to complete 360 hours of independent study. In addition, students may choose to study international test preparation for an additional 40 to 80 hours.

The key features of the program are firstly, the development of language acquisition and communication skills, both of which are integrated throughout the subject specific areas of the program. Secondly, the program exposes students to the teaching methodology used in western university settings. Thirdly, it introduces students to the notion of independent learning, an essential skill for successful university study.

The Global Assessment Certificate program is recognized for admissions and credit transfer purposes by more than 90 universities around the globe, including The University of Iowa, the University of Idaho, Oklahoma State University, Saint Louis University and the Southern Oregon University (in the United States), and Griffith University, Bond, La Trobe and RMIT (in Australia). 


About CEI:

China Education International (CEI) was first established in Melbourne, Australia over two decades ago. The company’s China office opened in Beijing in 1998, and since then the company has branched out into many areas of the education industry both in China and abroad. In fact, CEI has been recognized as one of China’s leading international education service providers. 

The companies official website at has been recognised as one of the top 3 education related websites in China, and everyday it gets millions of hits from students wishing to have accurate information about studying abroad. 

The company also has a very large following on China's social media with popular web pages on both Wechat & Weibo. (China's equivalent to Facebook & Twitter)

The companies international business team and counselors which are based at our head office in Beijing, handle a great many enquiries through our website, and also on the phone.  A number of students have also been introduced to us through reliable sub-agents, and CEI also has key branch offices across China. 

Story By Duggy Day

More information about CEI's services can be found inside our official English and Chinese websites:

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