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Welcome to our Major Business Area which highlights our various businesses including Transnational Education, Study Abroad, which is a sister company of China Education International (CEI) and The Belts and Road Education and Training Council. (BRETC) 

Transnational Education

Study Abroad


Transnational Education

CEI is a leader in the transnational education industry in China and is one of the earliest service providers in the country. CEI’s flagship transnational projects include the Asia Australian Business College at Liaoning University which was founded in 1999. The College of International Education at Henan University was founded in 2003 and also programs between the Beijing Institute of Technology and the Australian National University.

Other programs include an A-level Continuing Education Center at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, which was set up in 2012, and in 2015 an agreement was signed between the China Australian International College and the City College of Huizhou.

On May 25th, 2015, CEI signed a collaboration agreement on Transnational Education and Health Management Training with the municipal government of Huizhou, in Guangdong province. This agreement was witnessed by Hu Chunhua, Secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, and a member of the CPC Central Committee.

CEI has signed agreements with many renowned international universities including the following:

1997 - Victoria University, Australia.

1999 - Australian National University  

2002 - University of Queensland, Australia.

2002 _ University of Western Australia.

2003 - University of Leicester, UK

2009 - University of Idaho, USA

2012- Humboldt State University, USA


Over the past two decades CEI has been involved in a number of successful transnational education programs, and the company has sent more than 20,000 Chinese students abroad.  The content of these International Education programs has included valuable information about both Chinese and western culture, and after graduation many students have returned to China better prepared to contribute to society as skilled and knowledgeable individuals.


Many top graduates choose to further their studies in Australia, here is a list of the most popular universities for Chinese graduate students:

23%  Australian Nation University

22%  University of New South Wales

20%  University of Melbourne

13%  University of Sydney 

09%  Monash University

04%  University of Queensland

03%  University of Adelaide

02%  University of Western Australia

04%  Other Universities


CEI has also set up the BRETC, which stands for Belts and Road Education & Training Council. The aim of the BRETC is to promote educational collaboration and communication between different cultures. CEI is looking forward to collaborating with more universities, in order to provide Chinese students with more opportunities. We also plan to set up transnational educational projects with a number of ‘One Belt One Road’ countries.

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Study Abroad

CEI's flagship transnational projects include the Asia Australian Business College, Liaoning University. The College of International Education, Henan University and also programs between the Beijing Institute of Technology and the Australian National University. 


CEI has already established collaborations with more than 500 prestigious institutions around the world in more than 16 countries, including the USA, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand to name a few.

The famed American education institute the University of Idaho has its China Office based at CEI, as does the upcoming Humboldt State University, California. The Country Representative China office for Victoria University, Australia is also one of our partner universities. CEI also offers comprehensive study abroad services. 


Our associate company – also specializes in study abroad online applications and related services.

More in Chinese>> is a sister company of China Education International (CEI).  It specializes in Study Abroad Online Applications and also education related  services.

The website has been recognized as one of the ‘Top 3 Study Abroad Websites in China’.

It features valuable and accurate information from over 800 international universities from around the world.


One of the most popular features in the website is our DIY pages which highlight accurate information about the Do-It-Yourself process to students who wish to study at universities abroad.

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Belts & Road Education and Training Council

The Belts & Road Education and Training Council (BRETC) was formed in November 2015 in cooperation with The China Overseas Investment Union. 

At that time the National Development Reform Commission and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, along with the Ministry of Commerce jointly issued the "Push to Build a 21st Century Silk Road Economic Belt & the Maritime Silk Road Vision and Action."  

The aims of the BRETC is not only to promote the Chinese education Industry but also to highlight the business advantages of being part of the‘One Belt and One Road Initiative.’


Innovation and development are key to success in a very competitive environment, and by seizing various opportunities presented through the 'One Belt and One Road Initiative' Chinese education enterprises can expand their business into the overseas market.

The main aim of BRETC is to give Chinese education enterprises the opportunity to meet and work with 'One Belt & One Road' business partners. Using this strategy our aim is to keep improving the core competitiveness of these enterprises by introducing them to potential international partners. 

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