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Peking University considers setting up nature reserve on campus


         Peking University considering setting up mini nature reserve on its campus

Peking University in Beijing is officially reviewing a proposal to set up a mini nature reserve on the campus to protect the ecosystem, reports the Beijing Youth Daily.

The proposal, brought forward by Peking University students and their teachers, first appeared on an official WeChat account, sparking heated debate at the university.

The proposed 42.5 hectare mini nature reserve would be designed to protect the animals and plants that currently inhabit the campus. The proposal would ban the use of herbicides in the preserve, and also allow for dead foliage to compost naturally, rather than being removed.


An undated photo shows a newborn Otus Sunia on the campus of Peking University in Beijing. [File photo:]

If approved, the mini reserve at Peking University would be the first of its kind in China.

Different from traditional nature reserves which would limit access, the Peking University proposal would emphasize the idea of a harmonious co-existence between humans and nature.


Research at the university for the past 15 years has determined there are 300 different species of animals and 470 different varieties of plants living on the campus grounds. A number of endangered animals, including Golden Eagles, Ninox Scutulata and Otus Sunia have been discovered living on the Peking University campus.


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